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E-Bond Technology Limited has a complete sales and marketing network in China, together with an efficient logistic system as a strong backup to support the whole market.

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Let’s start July off with a bang!

Let’s start July off with a bang!

Hi! We hope everyone had an enjoyable Holiday Weekend! We’re starting July off with a bang – with a brand new Right Angle Tact Switch!...

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Vandal Resistant

Gorgeous. Sleek. Even Sexy. These anti-vandal switches are IP rated and illuminated. What a beauty.


E-Switch’s newest tacts have a unique edge-mount on PCB, long life and are ultra-miniature!

BIG Splash!!

NEW Patented Sealing Technology! RBW2 Series Fully Illuminated Rocker – IP67 WITHOUT THE BOOT!

FQIS Harnesses for Boeing!!

Cinch is the OEM of high performance wire harness assemblies qualified for Boeing aircraft. Contact us on FQIS cables for your after-sale needs.

ModICE & SHS for Transportation

Ruggedised IP67/69K sealed connectors, harnesses and enclosures that will provide performance and reliability to connecto transportation systems.

CIN::APSE® & iQ®

Cinch offers two patented solderless connector technologies to meet the most challenging compression interconnect needs: CIN::APSE® & iQ®.

Heavy Duty Circuit Board Spacer

DLCBSHD provides a strong, sturdy mounting method for heaviliy loaded PCBs. This one-piece solution obsoletes the need for screw-nut assemblies.

Half U Clamp, Blind Hold Mount

HURCBH is designed to clamp and route cables. It can be easilty inserted & mounted. Fir-tree mounting fix provides exceptional retention strength.

4-Way Cable Tie Mounting Base

FTH-40 allows cable ties to be inserted from all four sides. It’s easily mounted with the option of two different types of adhesive.

Angled 90° Pressfit D-SUB

According to key customers’ demand DELTRON has extended D-SUB in press-fit technology, angled 90° in the assembly typ M90x for 9-15-25 pin.

Waterproof D-SUB

The waterproof D-SUB series provide excellent protection from dirt,dust and moisture.Standard, High Density, Combi and Filter versions are available.

Water Resistant Hoods & Housings

No more expensive reconstruction on device-side plugs because sealing will be made directly at the housing wall. CTLW series Hoods are rated IP67.


Coconn’s SFP/SFP+ cages are based on SFP Multi Sourcing Agreement, and the requirement of compact size and high density interconnection.

DIN 41612 Connectors

Coconn’s DIN41612 connectors meet international standards IEC 60603-2 and EN 60603-2 , including signal and high power contacts, high voltage contacts or coaxial contacts in various design.

HM 2mm Connectors

Coconn’s hardmetric connector system was developed according to the international standard IEC 61076-4-101. Thus the user can rely on a worldwide standard for the connection of PCBs.