Card Guides & Pullers


Richco’s pullers are designed to solve difficult insertion and extraction problems associated with removing large PCB’s and tight gripping multi-pin edge connectors. Our pullers use a cam in/out action enabling leverages of up to 4:1. Ease of use, installation and protection from undue stress for damage-free insertions and extractions of PCB’s, components, and connectors are the main benefits from the use of our pullers. Passivated stainless steel spring pins as per MIL-P-10971 are provided with certain ejectors. Richco pullers have been designed to meet the increasing need to support PCB’s mounted in a vertical position in order to save space. Our wide selection accommodates various board sizes and allows for paired mounting and gang or tandem mounting. The use of standard fasteners simplifies mounting.


Green/Renewable Energies , railway/subway, gaming industry, security systems, Telecom base station, GPS, Network cabinet, medical equipment and instrument,White Goods/Appliances, consumer electronics