Circuit Breaker


We offer a complete line of circuit protection products : Hydraulic magnetic , thermal and ground fault protection. With a full complement of sizes and ratings providing current or voltage sensing, we give you the options on the hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers : , from the miniature Series (0.02 to 25 amps), to the UL489 Series and (0.02 amps to 100 amps), to the high current series (100 amps – 700 amps). We also offer 3 amp to 40 amp push button thermal circuit breakers , as well as SmartGuard Equipment Leakage circuit breaker which is an equipment ground fault protection device that functions as a standard high quality hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker offering customized overload and short circuit protection


AC and DC Branch circuit installations, Telecom DC Power Distribution, UPS Equipment,Mobile Power-Generation Equipment, Power Conditioning, Alternative Energy Equipment, Lighting Controls, Marine Protection, Environmental Controls, Factory Automation, Computers and peripherals, Medical equipment, Generators, Power Supplies, Environmantal controls, Electrical heating, Air conditioning, Transportation equipment (rail), Transformers and Rectifiers, Motor Starters, Power Strips, Audio/Visual Equipment, Test and Measurement Equipment, Security and Fire Alarms, Industrial Controls, Exercise Equipment